Value of Emotions in Human Design Manifesting Generators

The more we attempt to block our emotions, the more they will come searching us. The more we avoid an emotion, the larger and the stronger it gets, until the energy becomes too much that it finds its way from our system, frequently in the shape of a disease, or some type of unpleasant body manifestation. My favourite definition of Emotion is one from Michael Sky, firewalling Instructor, breath work instructor, and certified Energy breath and polarity therapist. He describes Human Feelings as subtle currents, part liquid, and part electrical that appear as vital energy moving inside, around, and between us, animating spirits, colouring ideas, influencing dreams, heartening relationships, and supplying the raw material for our bodies and imaginative efforts.

All our emotions manifest as moving originating, vibrating, collecting, Flowing, expanding, boiling energy. When we have a sense of any sort we experience a concrete movement of vital energy within our body. The energy going through us includes the feeling: this energy moving is emotion.  When we grow up we are not taught how to deal with emotions, how to Acknowledge them and deal with them in a beneficial manner. It is quite rare, which is in part why emotion frequently troubles and torments us.

Human Design Development

Over the years individuals develop strategies for feeling, since emotion seems to frighten us find ways to curb our psychological experience. We know to deaden out feelings, to turn off feeling, to numb out. We work to prevail, unaffected by life’s changes and click here for reasonable ideas. Nothing more unhealthy an unnatural that. Society frequently tells us that emotional expression belongs to the world of Children, while maturing means getting ones emotions in check.

In today’s society emotional men and women are often looked as feeble we prefer those who stay firm and clearheaded during the worst times. We especially despise the messiness of emotional display.  It is often wrongly believed that spiritual improvement requires the taming of one’s feelings. We attempt to prevent pain by action without feeling doing things rationally and logically, and by doing this, we are only denying our individual nature.

Finally some people find their own way with emotion, some handle to completely suppress their feelings and maintain their psychological energy unexpressed in order to become socially acceptable. That so many of us do so well at suppressing their emotions represents a singular failing in human evolution and a root cause of many problems of society now, especially anxiety which converts into diseases of various sorts.

Emotion plays an essential role in our lives, for better and for worse that psychological energy subsists as a very important force in the human organism and as an interconnection between body, mind, spirit, and environment. Learning to flow with ones feelings opens the way to physical health, mental clarity, greater success in relationships, and more effective creativity.